About Gold Cross

About Gold Cross

Gold Cross is 100% Australian and has built a brand synonymous with trust, service and advice. Gold Cross has a long and proud history providing a trusted range of products found and recommended only in pharmacy.

Our products treat family ailments such as coughs and colds, skin irritations, cuts, abrasions and digestive complaints. Gold Cross medicines offer specific products for pain relief and arthritis treatment supported by a range of vitamin supplements.

Significant measures are taken to ensure the quality and safety of all Gold Cross products. This process begins with the care taken in the selection of the highest quality of raw materials. Stringent standards and testing protocols ensure that Gold Cross preserves the potency of all products.

Our specialised manufacturing plant in Victoria complies with the pertinent manufacturing guidelines, codes and principles including the PIC/S guide for good manufacturing practice for medicinal products. Each step of the process is closely monitored and in strict compliance with internal and external guidelines including documentation, sampling and controls.

Our guarantee of purity ensures Gold Cross products are uncontaminated and clinically effective products that have undergone independent and verified quality assurance checks.

Gold Cross medicines have a heritage that dates beyond even the Gold Cross brand itself. Products such as Senega & Ammonia, Calamine Lotion, Cod Liver Oil and Friar's Balsam are found in many medicine cabinets throughout Australian households.

Gold Cross products are 100% exclusive to pharmacy and continue to be a preferred remedy for an increasing number of Australians health needs, often passing the tradition from generation to generation.

Today, it is estimated that over 70% of pharmacies in Australia stock at least one of the wide range of Gold Cross products available. While the number of medicine cabinets stocking Gold Cross products is difficult to measure, the value, quality and tested reliability are not in question.

Yours in health.